Monosodium Salt of Methanearsonic Acid


Benefits of MSMA


Products of the organic arsenical herbicides MSMA (the monosodium salt of methanearsonic acid (MAA)) has been providing reliable, cost-effective weed control for over 50 years. The diversity of the uses to which MSMA products are applied is testament to the fact that these herbicides are unique in that they combine selectivity, low weed-resistance, and cost-efficiency.


NO RESISTANCE BUILD UP: Weed-resistance to herbicides is on the rise due to both the repeated use of the herbicides and the introduction of genetically modified crops. These crops are endowed with natural resistance to certain herbicides, a resistance which they may impart to non-crops through cross pollination. There are very few, if any, new products capable of economically combating the resistance problem. With the exception of isolated cases of common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium), no resistance build-up has occurred with the weeds that MSMA controls.


MSMA is an effective and economic herbicide. Its selectivity makes it the number one choice for weed control. The Organic Arsenical Products Task Force stands firmly behind MSMA products, and will continue to support and encourage use of our members’ MSMA products, as they are the most efficacious and safe herbicides available.

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